How to Fix a Plumbing Leak in Airdrie, Alberta! Call Mr. Mike's Plumbing
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How to Fix a Plumbing Leak


How to Fix a Plumbing Leak

Most of the plumbing problems occur near or at the fittings, such as tubs, sinks and toilets. Many times the pipes are the cause for leaks. Pipes are exposed to leaking, freezing, sweating and making noises. Plumbing leaks can be of different types. Some of these leaks can flood your home or business while others that do not cause too much damage but are very annoying. The approach adopted to stop leakage depends on the type of leakage. Contracting a plumber to fix leaks may not always be required.

If the leakage problem is not too big then you can try to find the source of the leak. If the joint is leaking then you need it should be tightened if it is loose. If a part of the pipe is leaking, remove it and replace it with a new pipe. Check if the plumbing leakage is caused by a puncture in the shaft or another leaking joint.

Shut the main water valve off before you do any plumbing repairs. One of the most effective ways to stop leaks is to use a rubber lined clamp. Get a clamp that fits into your pipe properly. You will need to check the diameter of the pipe which is printed on the pipe. If the size is not imprinted, use a caliper and ruler for taking measurements.

Not all hardware stores carry various sizes of rubber linings. Rubber sheeting can be used as a replacement between the pipe and clamp. This clamp is helpful in putting pressure to hold it temporarily. The concept of clamp and rubber sheeting can be applied with various clamp types. Pick a hose clamp that is handiercompared to sleeve clamp as it can fit in different types of pipes even though its strength is good for pinhole leaks. Calgary Plumbers will always have these supplies on hand but you can also do this yourself as a temporary fix.

Some quick fixes include the use of electrical or duct tape. Duct tape can help in stopping pinhole leaks on PVC and metal pipes. The best way is to wrap the layers around the leak on either side. Make sure you overlap the tape in every turn. Duct tape is specially made for external use. You can use electrical tape if duct tape is not available. Epoxy Putty can be used for leaking joints since clamping these joints is not possible. Ensure all pipe joints are dry and clean before application. You can follow the plumbing instructions printed on the label for fixing the leak.

These steps are much easier said than done. In case of unscrewing the galvanized steel pipes, one needs to fit it to the other end. With copper pipes, new sections should be sweat soldered. Most of these pipe replacement jobs are best handled by local plumbers but as a temporary solution, you can consider a pipe patch. You will need a patch kit that is available at many hardware stores. This is usually a temporary way of stopping the leakage and you will need a professional help if you want a permanent solution. So do not forget to call a professional plumber for fixing the pipe leak as all the above solutions do not last permanently.

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