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Do Plumbers Work on Water Heaters | Mr. Mike’s Plumbing

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Mr. Mike – Do Plumbers Work on Water Heaters?

Do plumbers work on Water Heaters? The answer to this one is simple: yes. Water heaters make up a large part of the work we do inside new homes or apartment builds. Think of plumbers as all-around experts in the fluid dynamics of your home or commercial structure. Our training is a combination of in-class learning as well as on-the-job experience learning from highly experienced tradesmen and women.

Licensed plumbers can find common problems with your hot water tank and fix them – ensuring it can heat the water – and the water temperature in your home is where it should be.
Water heaters are like the heart of your home’s warm water system. Without a water heater, you can expect water temperatures matching that of the underground citywide system – which is most likely very cold. Cold showers aren’t something any of us enjoy (well… most of us) and it’s harder to wash your dishes or clothes using only cold water.

What Work Do Plumbers Do on Water Heaters?

Mr. Mike’s can help you with your hot water heater repair in any number of areas:

Repairs and servicing to both types of water heaters (electric water heaters and gas water heaters)
Hot water supply issues
Replacing the anode rod
Pressure Relief Valve repair
Heating element replacement
Installation of a water heater (if the existing one is beyond repair)
Running gas lines (for gas water heaters)

From inspections to maintenance, to installations and upgrades, water heaters are most definitely something plumbers work with. If you’re looking to add to, or upgrade, your water heater, call the experts at Mr. Mike’s!

What Else Does Your Team Do?

At Mr. Mikes, we offer a full range of plumbing and HVAC services. Your home’s comfort is our area of expertise and keeping you and your family safe and happy is at the core of our service. We have a wide range of technicians with different skillsets to help with things like:

Furnace repair
Air conditioner repair
Water heater repair
Central HVAC installations
Furnace installations
Air conditioner installations
Water heater installations
HVAC filter replacements
Troubleshooting of your water or HVAC systems
Maintenance on water or HVAC systems

Our plumbers can also help with some of the more traditional plumbing jobs that may come to mind for many homeowners, such as:

Bathroom repairs (sink, toilet, bathtub, shower)
Shower installations
Sink installations
Toilet installations
Running new lines
Repairs to lines laid under concrete foundation
Drainage solutions
Pump installations
Septic tank installations

Call a Plumber!

At the end of the day, if it is related to the water or air in your home, Mr. Mike’s can do it. Call our team to find out how we can help you, regardless of whether it is an emergency or not.

If you are experiencing an emergency, it’s a good idea to call us as soon as possible – any time of the day. We are available 24/7 to help with your emergencies.

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