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Your Plumber in Airdrie, AB

Drains are tricky, you need your clogged drains and plumbing problems solved and you NEED IT NOW! So call Mr. Mike’s plumbing in Airdrie, AB and get your drains repaired today!

Mr. Mike’s  offers emergency plumbing repair and emergency drain cleaning services 7 days a week exclusively in Airdrie.

We’ve offered emergency plumbers in Airdrie for residents and business owners for 27 years with LOTS of relieved and happy customers along the way. We want YOU to be our next happy customer.

Full-Service Plumbing

When you are faced with a plumbing issue that a drain snake won’t fix, you want it solved as soon as possible. Mr. Mike’s Plumbing Airdrie is a full-service plumbing company so call today and get your plumbing repaired! Mr. Mike’s  offers emergency plumbing repair and emergency drain clearing services 7 days a week Airdrie.

We want YOU to be our next happy customer. Our Plumbers in Airdrie go the extra mile for you and will triple check every repair we do, leaving you assured we have done everything to solve your plumbing problem.

Plus, our plumbers will make recommendations for your home so that you do not run into any future problems. Although we make sure your home is left high and dry, we don’t want YOU to be left high and dry! Did your drywall get soaked because of your plumbing disaster and now you have mold?

No worries. No need to call someone else to clean your drains, call Mr. Mike’s Plumbing we can pretty much do it all for you!

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Best Local Services

Domestic Plumbing in Airdrie

When you hire Mr. Mike’s – it’s kinda like one-top shopping. We save you time, headaches and hassles BECAUSE we have SO much experience providing virtually EVERY maintenance service a busy landlord like yourself needs.

We SPECIALIZE in landlord services in Airdrie. Let us help you so you can see for yourself how nice it can be to have ONE company you can rely on. You don’t need to take our word for it – you can check our landlord references.

A nice looking and well maintained house is healthier and will retain a higher resale / rental value. Mr. Mike’s Airdrie Plumbing offers complete landlord services. The following is a partial list of how we can help you…

High Results

At Mr. Mike’s Airdrie Plumbing we consider ourselves experts in all areas of the business, including both the commercial and residential side of the business. However, commercial plumbing systems can prove to be significantly different from residential systems. When it comes to jobs of this nature, hiring a firm with experience in this field is highly recommended. Throughout our long history as a company, we have compiled many years of experience dealing with commercial equipment. Whether you have a large office building in Airdrie, AB or a warehouse in Calgary,AB , we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right.

Drain Line Cleaning & Repair

Drains and sewer pipes need to remain clean in order to prevent blockages or clogs. There are several ways to prevent buildup that causes clogs and the staff at Mr. Mike’s Plumbing  in Airdrie can help inform you of many of these. Along with regular maintenance, one of the best things to keep drain line clear is a special product of biotechnology that can deposit micro organisms on the sides of your pipes that feed on grime and buildup so that your lines stay clear.

Over time, drains can become clogged. Soap scum, grease, and other types of build up can occur and eventually cause blockages in the pipes in your kitchen and bathrooms. General wear and tear as well as environmental factors can also work to clog drain lines. Roots can break into sewer lines and cause a block. Severe problems may call for trenchless sewer repairs.

The trained and knowledgeable plumbers at Mr. Mike’s know how to knock out even the worst of clogs and will take the least invasive route to repair any clog. We’ll get your plumbing systems back up and in working order in no time. A clogged drain or sewer can only get worse over time rather than better, so don’t wait to get your plumbing lines cleared.

Drain cleaning jobs from Mr. Mike’s Airdrie are 100% guaranteed with our satisfaction warranty. We will always arrive on time and fix your plumbing as efficiently and accurately as possible. On top of that, if we are late, we pay you $5 for every minute that we are late!

Mr. Mike’s Airdrie Plumbing

When we say we will be there, we will be there.
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Receive your estimate and choose the best option for you
Let us take care of the reste
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Mr. Mike’s Airdrie Plumbing Services

Mr. Mike’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing Services is a local owned and operated full service plumbing company in Calgary & Airdrie , Alberta. We provide service 24 hours a day 7 days a week to the entire Airdrie.
We do anything we can to provide our customers with the best customer service possible with our 5 star service guarantee. And we take pride in only hiring the highest quality, properly trained, background checked and drug-free technicians.

Our Services

When you have a plumbing job that needs to be done quickly without sacrificing quality, you can count on us, the best Plumbers in Airdrie.

Installation and repair of faucets, toilets and bath/shower valves.

Leak Detection

Cleaning drains and sewage

Repair and replacement of Water Heaters

Replacement of water pipe, gas pipe and waste-pipe

Repair and replacement of fixtures

Installation and repair of Water Softeners

Custom plumbing


We Deliver Best Plumbing Services in Airdrie

Clogged Drains

Don’t damage your pipes by trying to tackle clogged drains on your own. Trust our trained professionals to unclog, repair and replace your drains.

Leak Detection and Repairs

Trust the best plumbers in Airdrie to detect and repair your plumbing leaks, whether they are behind walls, under asphalt, in your basement or in a home or commercial irrigation system.


Count on our plumbers to perform video inspection of sewage and provide repairs and maintenance on your sewage system.

Toilets and Faucets

Whether you are needed to repairs to your toilet and faucets or completely replace and renovate, we will take care of that for you.

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